Willow Shine is a 16-year-old Gallifreyan Time Lord (Prez's first Doctor Who OC), however she was raised on Earth. Willow's TARDIS takes on the shape of a dishwasher most of the time, but when she needs to be in the streets it looks like a cat carrier.


Before EarthEdit

When Willow was very young, she was taken by two older Time Lords (who would come to be known as Bob and Grace Shine and pretty much adopted her) to Earth to escape the Last Great Time War. They arrived in 1996.

Early LifeEdit

Willow was raised in London and taught that everything about her (double hearts, TARDIS in kitchen) was normal, and as such she never felt the need to talk to anyone about it. She was raised with both human and Gallifreyan stories and nursery rhymes, and basically had an only slightly different childhood. Her parents both regenerated 11 times by the time she was 14.


On Willow's fifteenth birthday, she heard terrible news; her adoptive parents had died in a freak accident. Willow was used to them "changing their faces" every time they died, so she waited for two weeks before giving up hope. She took on all the responsibilities in her house herself.

Willow never found out that not everyone had a TARDIS until her sixteenth birthday, when her friend Raea completely freaked out when she found the TARDIS. Willow then learned everything about her people's history, and plans to start travelling on her eighteenth birthday.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Willow has tan skin and silvery-gray eyes. Her hair is long and black and usually back in a braid. Willow has an hourglass shape.



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