Hey everyone, I'm gonna start writing a novel about Roxy soon, but I have one problem... I don't have a title for it ;.; So I'm starting up a contest to see who can come up with the best title. If I get a title from someone on this wiki, I'm putting it on PaF. Here's the stuff you'll need:

Plot Synopsis

Roxy, a 16-year-old musical prodigy, has woken up with amnesia, and all she can remember is the night before; she had been running away from a figure through a thunderstorm in the dark streets of Chicago. She spends 6 long months living in the library, researching birth records from the year she was born to find out who she is. Soon enough, Roxy meets 3 other music lovers and they start up a band. After 2 years of living with her friends on the run, a call comes in from someplace in Chicago to the hotel room in London she shares with the other girl in the band, Violet, asking if they'd seen a girl named Laura Umbreo. Suddenly, Roxy's memory comes back; she is Laura Umbreo. Now she must decide whether to return to her parents or stay with her band.



  1. No vulgar title.
  2. I don't want Roxy's name in it, it's SO cliche.
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