Terra is the youngest sister of Celestia, Luna, and Oceana. She is in charge of ground.


Terra has big yellow eyes and a dark splash of freckles. She almost always has a smile on her face. Her coloring is green (chocolate brown when she's covered in mud, which is almost always), and she has short Rainbow Dash-style tan-and-green hair. Her cutie mark is a mountain, but she is so covered in mud it is almost always hidden.


Terra is a cheerful tomboy. She is extremely optimistic and can see the bright side in everything. Sometimes, she might get nervous or scared, and when she does she stutters.


Terra has lived in the earth since she was born. She's always had an enemy, Ataxia the Draconequus, but this history has never been explained.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"So THAT'S what my cutie mark is!"

"You lost me at 'So anyways'."

"For Celestia's sake, just get it over with and fight."

"Um.... no?"