Previous Name
Deceased; resides in the Place of No Stars; previous WindClan/DawnClan cat
*Heatherstar (former mate)
  • Creamfur (daughter)
  • Cloudclaw (son)
  • Blackfoot (son)
  • Princess (sister)
  • Firestar (brother)
  • Snowpaw (nephew)
  • Icestar (niece)
  • Coldwing (nephew)
  • Squirrelflight (niece)
  • Leafpool (niece)
Scar from Disney's The Lion King
  • Tigerstar from Warriors

Scarface is a large tabby tom. He has one ear and countless scars on his face. He was exiled from DawnClan and killed Snowpaw and Heatherstar, as well as his former apprentice Grasspaw. He had always planned to kill Icestar and Bravesoul. Scarface is a lot like Tigerstar, and he is the brother of Firestar and Princess as well as the father of Creamfur, Cloudclaw, and Blackfoot and the adoptive father of Angerkit.


Scarface was abandoned by his kittypet mother shortly after birth. He wandered around the forest terretory before finding WindClan, where he stayed for a time.

Upon realizing he was abandoned, Scarface turned bitter and murdered his own apprentice Grasspaw. For this reason he was banished and exiled from the terretories. Unfortunately, Heatherstar did not know this, however, and welcomed him in to DawnClan.

Scarface, in order to gain Heatherstar's trust, tricked her into making him deputy. He noticed Heatherstar had fallen in love with him, and decided to pretend to be her mate. They even had three kits together.

After he scarred up Icestar (who, at the time, was simply Icekit), he was exiled from DawnClan as well and became a loner. Sometime between his second and third attacks on the four newer Clans, Scar had adopted a large kit and named him Angerkit.