This is a roleplay that takes place at a digital world in Disneyland that has gone horribly wrong; the villains are now out to kill the heroes!!!




Episode One: The GameEdit

Bravery: Sweet! Disney parks are the best!!!

Tio: *walks up behind Bravery* HI! can you ride some rides with me!?

Bravery: *jumps* Oh, hi! I was actually just going to a villain show-

Eggman: Did you just say something about villains?

Tio: *looks at eggman* You have a big belly!

Eggman: Oh, shut up...

Bravery: Yeah. I love villains. Why?

Eggman: Just figured you'd be interested in a little LARP I created...

Tio: LARP? is it something i can eat?

Bravery: Live Action Role Play.

Eggman: Anyway, there are sixteen different Disney worlds set up in them. You need to either be a villain or beat the villain in each.

Tio: *the coffin on his back vibrates a little bit* uh....if we win can i eat a bit of them?

Eggman: They're made of data. Wouldn't taste too good.

Bravery: Well, I'd love to try it.

Tio: me too! if we win i get to eat a little of mr tummy!

Eggman: Great! Now, please step into this chamber.

Bravery: *does so*

Tio: *follows behind Bravery with a skip in his step*

(A green light comes on)

Episode Two: The Hercules WorldEdit

Bravery: Oh, I am SO a villain in this one...

Tio: hmm....does this mean i get to be hercules?

Bravery: I'm guessing yeah... *blue pixels swirl around her and she's wearing a Hades costume* Oh, this is just awesome...

Tio: yay! i get to be strong! *pixels swirl around him and he's wearing a hercules costume*

Automated Voice: All gamers, your game is about to begin, please prepare to be in character!!! *they disappear and reappear in the Underworld and the Temple of Zeus*

Tio: wow the temple!

Automated Voice: Three... Two... One...

(the statue crackles to life)

Tio: uuuhhhhh......

Statue: Go find Hades and put a stop to his plan!!!

Tio: yes Mr. Statue!

Bravery: *is testing her flaming hair* Sweet...

Tio: *goes looking for Hades*

Bravery: *upon hearing footsteps, straightens up*

Tio: *walks in and sees bravery* HI

Bravery: We're supposed to try and kill each other.

Tio: *walks up and hugs her* by you're to nice!

Bravery: You won't REALLY be killing me.

Tio: *still hugging* nope!

Bravery: Do you WANT to get kicked out of the game? *hair flares up in annoyance*

Tio: no.....

Bravery: *her eyes flash yellow* Looks like I'll have to do something...

Tio: *jumps on bravery's head* I WIN!

Bravery: ... *flares up her hair*

Tio: *sniffs* oh what smells good!?

Bravery: You're on fire, smart one.

Tio: *grabs foot and sticks in mouth* I TASTE GOOD! *starts to gnaw on foot*

Bravery: *facepalm,throws him into the wall* I win.

Tio: *gets teary eyed* w-why would you do that to me....

Bravery: *her eyes flash between yellow and red* I... I... *shakes her head, eyes are their regular red* I had to.

(green light)

Episode Three: The Aladdin worldEdit

Bravery: Dibs on villain.

Tio: again!?

Bravery: Got a PROBLEM with it?

Tio: ......*bites bravery's finger* nope

Bravery: ... I'm starting to hate you. *pixels swirl around and she's in a Jafar costume*

Tio: you're the meany....*pixels swirl around him and hes in an aladdin costume*

Bravery: Hey, I'm a villain fan.