Basically, Sonic Heroes with ponies. This is an RPG-style fangame. With permission, create a team with yours and your friends' characters and join the roleplay! Please make sure to ask your friend's permission before using their characters. Please help fill the spots in Team Rage, Team Night, and Team Evil. Once those teams are done, make your own teams at will!


  • Prez
  • Blu
  • Mr.gameandfight


  1. Keep it E-10+
  2. No cursing
  3. No cheating
  4. No trolling
  5. No being a jerk
  6. No killing without permission


Team OceanEdit

Power/Leader: Oceana (Prez)

Flight: Icis (Prez)

Speed: Rapid (Blu)

Team DirtEdit

Power/Leader: Terra (Prez)

Flight: Mocha (Blu)

Speed: Sword Dancer (Prez)

Team RageEdit

Power: Pending...

Flight: Pending...

Speed/Leader: Rage (Blu)

Team NightEdit

Power: Sidious (Blu)

Flight/Leader: Night Sky (Prez)

Speed: Pending...

Team EvilEdit

Power: Pending...

Flight: Esin Mahakin (Mr.gameandfight)

Speed/Leader: Queen LeSandra (Prez)


Several teams from all over Equestria have formed rivalries, antag/protag clashes, and alliances with each other. The time has come to settle who the best team on Equestria is, so the First Annual Pony World Cup is being held in Canterlot to settle the disputes. Winner is the last team standing. It seems simple, but is the alliance of evil planning a takedown...?

Current StandingsEdit

Round OneEdit

  • Team Ocean vs. Team Night
  • Team Dirt vs. Team Evil
  • Team Rage vs.


Will start when there are at least 3 teams that lack empty spaces.

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