Mahakin (Devil Breaker)

Nightmare Moon tricked her into having a cutie mark with a gaping smile but then became possesed with the mark and terrorized the entire town. after being reverted she went to the dark lands for the rest of her life.

New NightmareEdit

After Hearing when Luna Accepted Princess Celestia's Friendship, She made herself the new Nightmare Moon. and she then quoted: "never will my black heart be Stained by Peace and Friendship".


Mahakin Now


Mahakin is a dark ember pony with wild wings and a red and blue mane. the thing that tells her dark personality the most is her emerald eyes. Mahakin also posses a black heart which gives her the darkness that Luna never had.


Formerly: Mahakin is a pony who formerly live in the main land of ponies. She was Careless, Annoying, and Messed up eveything in school. She never learned a valueble lesson but she was undoubtly friendly to everyone.

Now: Mahakin is an Evil Pony who says that she waits for no one. She is vile cruel and will not care if she loses a person to what stands in her way.


  • "Bow to me!"
  • "Feel the wrath of Esin Mahakin!"
  • "Feel the power of Esin Mahakin!"
  • "Don't make me laugh."
  • "You will never win!"
  • "You will die, mortal!"
  • "Prepare to die!"
  • "You are pathetic!"
  • "Is that your best?"
  • "That was pathetic!"
  • "You weak, pathetic fool!"
  • "You are nothing!"
  • "You suck!" (to Luna)
  • "You're still trying to win?"
  • "Ha ha ha ha ha!"
  • "I win!"
  • "All too easy!"



Creeping in my soul (her new theme due to her first being alittle inappropriate)

Envy Heaven - Impossible Game - Her Boss Theme
Cryoshell - Creeping In My Soul - Single

Cryoshell - Creeping In My Soul - Single

Mahakin's New Theme

The Impossible Game-Level 3-Envy-Heaven

The Impossible Game-Level 3-Envy-Heaven

Mahakin's Boss Theme


Princess Luna - Adoptive Mother

Princess Celestia - Adoptive Aunt

Big Macintosh - Had a crush on him

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