Icestar is the current leader of DawnClan . She is the daughter of Princess and Eeriefur and was among the first Clan-born kits of DawnClan. Icestar is a white she-cat with a gray stripe on her back and a black spot on her chest. She is covered with scars she got as a kit. When she gets angry, a psychic wave attacks the one that ticked her off. Icestar is the niece of Firestar and Scarface , the daughter of Princess and Eeriefur, the mate of Bravesoul, and the mother of Lilykit, Sunkit, and Dewkit.


Icestar was born in DawnClan as Icekit, and as a kit she was very mousebrained, brave, and selfless. She vowed to be the best Warrior ever when she was 3 moons old. She had two brothers, Coldkit and Snowkit.

At six moons old, she had a habit of crossing Clan borders to prove herself. At her apprentice ceremony, Scarface caused a heavy branch to fall on her before she could become an apprentice, and though she lived she was heavily and permanently scarred. Scarface was exiled soon after.

It took her a couple moons to recover, and when she did, she was named Icepaw.

It didn't take very much training to find that Icepaw had matured, and she was now exceedingly smart and strong despite her emotional and physical scars. She also took a liking to fellow apprentice Bravepaw.

Icepaw was attacked by Scarface a second time, shortly after Bravepaw was renamed Bravesoul. This time, most of her tail was clawed off, but she managed to defeat the loner. However, this was not without consequences; Snowpaw was killed. Shortly after, she learned that Scarface was her uncle (Princess's brother).

Shortly after the defeat of Scarface, her and her brother Coldpaw recieved their Warrior and medicine cat names, Iceheart and Coldwing. She was appointed the new deputy. Heatherstar died and she became Icestar.

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