Okay, some of you are new to Wikia, so here's some help for ya. If you have any questions afterwards, please leave a more experienced user for help.

How to Create a PageEdit

  1. Go to the wiki
  2. In the upper corner, you will see a small button that says "Contribute". Click on it.
  3. Select "Create a Page".
  4. Make your page.

How to Add a PhotoEdit

Onto your PageEdit

  1. Hover over the Insert Image square
  2. Select "modify"
  3. Upload an image from your computer
  4. Or, if it had been previously added, select the image below the upload option.

Outside the PageEdit

On the Recent Wiki Activity pageEdit

  1. Go to the "Contribute" option.
  2. Select "Add a Photo"
  3. Upload it from your computer.

On any other page.Edit

  1. You can do the "Contribute" thing
  2. Or, select "Add a Photo" under "Recent Photos".

How to Add a VideoEdit

  1. Under Media, select "Add Video"
  2. Copy/Paste URL

More Coming Soon