Heatherstar was a brown she-cat, and the former leader of DawnClan. She once belonged to the queen of England, but she ran away when she was six moons old.

Heatherstar was the former mate of Scarface, and she is the mother of Creamfur, Cloudclaw, and Blackfoot.


Heatherstar was born as the kittypet Heather, and she was treated quite well. She was owned by the Queen of England, and the queen was freaking crazy about Heather. She was even treated as a princess.

Heather felt something calling to her, though, and she followed her heart to the ocean, where she climbed aboard a ship and was brought to America. She continued walking until she came across the Warriors clans, and was accepted into ThunderClan and renamed Heatherfield.

Once, at a Gathering, she met her closest friends, Oceanfur, Shadowfoot, and Grassknot. They agreed to start Clans of their own, and ran away together.

Heatherfield became Heatherstar, and began DawnClan. Oceanfur became Oceanstar and started SeaClan, Shadowfoot became Shadowstar and started NightClan, and Grassknot became Grassstar and started LeafClan. They created a Warrior Code of their own and chose the new deputies; DawnClan's was Scarface.

When Scarface betrayed the clan, Heatherstar exiled him and went into a depression. Sometime between Scarface's betrayal and his second attack, she had three kits; Cloudkit, Creamkit, and Blackkit. Heatherstar appointed Iceheart the new deputy.

She was killed the third time Scarface attacked, and was the first resident of MoonClan, closely followed by her true mate Shadowstar.

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