Fate is the first Hunger Games fan fiction Prez has written so far. It's under construction at the moment. It was inspired by The Hunger Games, written by Suzanne Collins.

SPOILER ALERT: This takes place AFTER the events of Mockingjay. If you haven't read the book, there's some info hinting toward what happened in the trilogy, as such, please be aware of spoilers.

Ch. 1: The Capitol ReturnsEdit

Katniss Mellark watched her two children, Primrose and Jacob, as they hunted in the woods. Not that they needed to. They just did it for the sake of doing it.

Prim had just turned fourteen, and Jake was twelve. The Capitol was still silent, accepting defeat. But Katniss still felt uneasy for some reason. Like something bad was about to happen.

Peeta, Katniss's husband and the father of Prim and Jake, walked up. "How you doing, Katniss?" he asked.

Katniss sighed. "Pretty good." she answered.

What the family didn't know was that I was watching them.

Well, maybe Prim knew, I was her best friend at that point. She knew my tricks and everything. But if she did know, she didn't show it.

My name's Vivideen Hawthorne, and I'm the daughter of Gale Hawthorne and his wife, whom I never knew the name of; she died a long time ago. I also have a twin sister, Reuben, who I left behind with Dad when I left behind in District 2 when I moved to District 12. My family's not all that important at the moment though. There will be more on them eventually.

Suddenly, a long shadow was cast upon our district, darkening the bright March day. I looked up to see a huge machine hovering and flying over us. I recognized it as a Capitol hovercraft... But those hadn't touched the sky for almost 30 years...

"Attention, District Twelve! You've had your years without us, but now we have defeated all the other Districts. We are going to make sure you don't rebel again, and ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the 76th Hunger Games reaping!," an automated voice called. "Don't even bother fighting it. We have had reapings for the other seven Districts."

So even District 13 was helpless? This was not good...

An entire army, I kid you not, dropped from the hovercraft. One man grabbed me, and though I struggled, it was futile.