Evelyn is one of the few remaining Yellow Eyes. She can see into the future, because that's the basic ability of a Yellow Eye. Someday, she will be a Being, and her eyes will change color to match her Element. She is the youngest known YE.


Evelyn was born on a hot summer day. Her mother was killed instantly, and her father abandoned her. Bloem, the Plant Being, made her a YE so that she could live.

Evelyn found it hard to make friends, but she did manage to find ONE friend, Violet Hendershot.

Some TriviaEdit

  • Evelyn is Prez's Yellowsona, but that doesn't mean that her history is based on Prez's. She has a personality like Prez's but nothing more.
  • Don't go on the Internet looking for stuff about the Yellow Eyes, it's an original novel by TeamSonicPrez that MIGHT get published someday if Prez ever gets off her lazy ass and edits it.
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