Ember McLain


13 (at time of death)
Pop star with plans to take over the world using her music
Weapon of Choice
Her electric guitar
Vicky the Babysitter
Danny Phantom

Sam Manson
Tucker Folley
Timmy Turner

"Ghostly OddParents" (performance given by Prez, Bella, and two friends for their Drama class)
Some future RPs
Portrayed By

This is Prez's version of Ember McLain. If you want to know about the Ember from the Danny Phantom series, click here.

Ember is the ghost of a lonely 13-year-old girl who died in a housefire. Her original name was Amber, but she changed it to Ember after she died due to her hair which was now blue fire. She was developed from the original Ember for the purpose of a Drama class assignment where groups of 4 had to write and perform a play in which two off-air/same-producer TV shows have a crossover. Prez's group decided on Danny Phantom/Fairly OddParents.


Before Ember died, she was a lonely middle-school girl named Amber McLain. A cute boy asked her out to the movies once, and when she arrived at the movies, he didn't show up. When she got home, she was so tired that she fell asleep right away and didn't wake up when her house burnt down.

She decided to be a ghost when she realized she was dead. Ember became a siren like pop star and had plans to take over the world with her song "Remember".

Of course, she fought with Danny Phantom several times, as such, she developed a grudge and a hate toward Danny. After the show stopped being aired when she helped him, the grudge still kept up and she continued plotting.

Role in the PlayEdit

Script under development.

Ember has been plotting since she was banished to the Ghost Zone. She runs into Vicky (literally) and the two have both been plotting against the main protagonists of their TV shows: Timmy Turner and Danny Phantom. Vicky, who has discovered Cosmo and Wanda, plans to take over the world... just like Ember. The two become fast friends, and team up to take down Timmy and Danny.

Some time passes, and since then Danny and Timmy have teamed up, and Ember comes along to take them down. Timmy is drawn into her spell immediately, but Danny manages to defeat her. She, apparently, switches sides and takes them to hers and Vicky's hideout.

Ember then hits them both with her electric guitar, and they are taken to the same cell their friends are in (if Prez and friends get four more actors/actresses). Timmy wishes out, but Cosmo and Wanda are too low on energy. Ember laughs maniacally and leaves the cell.

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