Darkali regenerated with TARDIS

Darkali's second regeneration, as she is the TARDIS itself and herself as well.

Darkali Thomas is a Child of Gallifrey.... Or a Time Lord. Born inside the TARDIS as it was landed in the midworld, she was born in a human form, and didn't discover she was a pony until she was 6. Her mother is Oceana, her technical father The Doctor (her real one was Discord). At the age of eight, she looked into the Time Vortex. Instead of running like her brother, Darkrun, she stared into it, hearing the sound of drums.

First RegenerationEdit

Though her longest regeneration, this was her least memorized one. She appeared as a small teenager with black hair with one solid red streak going along with her bang which she kept mainly over her right eye. She normally wore suits and formal outfitting, much like her dad. She was given her sonic screwdriver when she turned 16. She's had only one assistant: Sapphire. She treats Saph as a sister and someone to protect. This made her feel...... Happy. But soon enough she couldn't handle caring for everybody, and turned completely insane. Saph locked her up in her TARDIS, never to be heard from again...

Second RegenerationEdit

Skip forward 13000 years and Darkali's TARDIS has finally died..... Except for the huon particles. They begin to latch onto Darkali and fuse with her, and Darkali becomes a living, breathing TARDIS.