Bella is a twelve year old girl of Italian heritage. Translated, her name means "Beautiful Life". Bella is Prez's closest friend, aside from Smight.


Bella is kind, shy, and quiet. She doesn't talk very often, but when she does, you might want some headphones, because she'll talk your ear off. Bella wouldn't hurt a fly, and she wouldn't raise her voice for any reason, so when bullies come up it's streetsmart Prez that does the talking. She has a very large temper, and it's hard to get her mad. Some people think of her as annoying for her childish ways, but really, Bella is a lovable girl.


Bella is a short girl with an athletic build. She has pale blue eyes and pale blond hair, and she has pink markings on her legs and face. Bella's eyelashes are thick and feminine.


  • Name: Bella Vita
  • Age: Just turned 12
  • Theme: The Gummy Bear Song
  • Favorite Color: Pink
  • Favorite Song: "What Makes You Beautiful" by OneDirection
  • Favorite Movie: The Hunger Games
  • Favorite Sonic Character: Blaze the Cat
  • Favorite MLPFiM Character: Spike
  • Role Models: Lady GaGa, Taylor Swift
  • Motto: "The grass is always greener!"