Ankha and Titi


Ankhsenamun and Nefertiti
Ankha and Titi (to each other)
Prez (both)
To kick Celestia, Luna, and Icis/Oceana from Canterlot and replace them with the Egyptian gods/goddesses
"Playing With the Big Boys Now" from Prince of Egypt

Ankhsenamun and Nefirtiti are twin Egyptian unicorn mares who support NONE of the Royal Sisters. They are 300 years old and have the ultimate goal of kicking all three out of their spots and replacing them with the Egyptian gods Ra, Thoth, and Sobek, who they have been trying to free since they were 15. The only way to kill them is via a knife through the heart.


The sisters were born in the Equestrian version of Egypt 300 years ago. They were the daughters of the Pharoah Khah, and were gifted near-immortality by the Egyptian God of Death, Anubis. When they were about 15, Ra, Thoth, and Sobek (the gods of the Sun, the Moon, and Water) were imprisoned. The sisters were outraged, and immediatly set out to get rid of all other gods/goddesses of those elements in order to set their gods free. Their current targets are Celestia, Luna, and Icis.


Titi and Ankha believe themselves and their gods and goddesses are better than anybody or anypony else. They trained their magic a lot when they were younger, and as such it is powerful enough to defeat pretty much any other unicorn or even alicorn on Equestria, and this has long since gone to their heads. The sisters only allow each other to call them by their nicknames Ankha and Titi. They are cruel and deceitful, easily fool anybody or anypony, and are loyal only to each other and their gods/goddesses.


  • They were thought of when Prez was listening to "Playing With the Big Boys Now" from The Prince of Egypt.
  • They are the only two characters with voices of all of Prez's ponies, and she does them herself.
  • Currently, they are Prez's favorites of her antagonists and immortals.
  • They were named for famous Egyptian queens- Ankhsenamun for the wife of King Tut and Nefertiti for Ankhsenamun and Tutankhamen's mother.